office chair

DIY | Vintage Desk Chair

I picked up a vintage swivel chair from gumtree a few weeks ago (top picture) and thought it looked ok as is. But on closer inspection, the “leather” turned out to be torn PVC and the legs were a lot more rusty than they looked from the picture.  As I’m not one to back away from a challenge, I had a quick look through Pinterest and found this great DIY (bottom picture), what do you think?

I like the natural ply backrest and painted legs, but not sure I’m going to be able to recreate the wooden seat; so I’m going to have a quick rummage through my many piles of fabric and see what Liberty treasure I can find. The wheels are plastic and quite bulky and don’t really  fit the style, so I’m thinking of replacing them with stoppers rather than castors as finding the perfect sized vintage metal castors seems quite unlikely in Perth! But if you know somewhere I can order them online, just let me know…

Lace Tiles

Pinterest | Pic Of The Week

I’ve seen quite a few lace DIYs recently for notebooks, tables and lamp shades, but I thought this one was very clever. Tiling can get pretty expensive, especially when you want to create a bespoke look full of colour, design and texture, but with a little bit of lace off cut and spray paint you can achieve this on the cheap. Like it?

Banquet Print - Eagle Ray

Pinterest | Pic Of The Week

I’m on the hunt for some new posters and frames for Origin Interior’s casa and came across this beautiful hand pulled print ‘Eagle Ray’ by Banquet. It’s such a strong, graphic image and uses the negative space really well to make it look like the ray is swimming away.

The dark teal colour would go perfectly with our dresser, cushions and rug, but I think we’re on the verge of  a teal overload already, so will have to give it a miss. Navy or black would go work instead though, so I’m keeping my eye out for another version and one that ships to Australia!
Let me know if you find one…


Pinterest | Pic Of The Week

With wooden floors and ornate coving, this living room could have become extremely traditional, but adding some softly draped furnishings and a steel edged coffee table give the room a relaxed, contemporary feel.

I love the mixture of art, photographs, chalk and decorative letters on the freestanding shelf, all clubbed together to make a very tidy textured collage. And the choice of colour palette hits the spot with various shades of grey, yellow and white, my favourite combination by far!


Pinterest | Pic Of The Week

To some people, this front porch might look run down, derelict and in need of a makeover.
To me, this is what I call worn in charm. The tiles may have faded from jade to aqua and the wooden door is showing it’s true colours, but that’s what I love about it. Lived in, sat on and walked over, the unrelenting vibrancy shows a touch of warmth and history, just like any home.

Screen Shot 2012-03-25 at 5.41.32 PM

Pinterest | Pic Of The Week

There’s usually a small space either down the side of the house or at the bottom of the garden that seems too small to fill, so just goes to waste.

Instead of trying to fit oversized chairs or plants down there, why not create a small indoor/outdoor area with a pergola. You can hang lights across the beams and organise some makeshift seating with a wooden swing and cushions. To make the space feel even more homey, paint the outside wall and decorate with street art stencils, posters or industrial letters. It will be a great hang out right from spring through to autumn and can be quickly packed up and moved inside if the weather turns.

Colour Town

Pinterest | Pic Of The Week

Is this paradise real?
It took some investigative work to figure out where this is, but is in fact a real place. Located in Italy’s north west region Liguria is Cinque Terre, a collection of five villages.
I’ve been to a couple of them and they are as beautiful as they look, but never made it to Manarola where this photograph was taken. Whether the reds and blues are this vibrant is another matter, but I love the coastal, laid back Mediterranean feel and would happily live in any of the coloured apartments over looking the sea. Stunning!