Lace Tiles

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I’ve seen quite a few lace DIYs recently for notebooks, tables and lamp shades, but I thought this one was very clever. Tiling can get pretty expensive, especially when you want to create a bespoke look full of colour, design and texture, but with a little bit of lace off cut and spray paint you can achieve this on the cheap. Like it?

Tom DIxon Etch 3

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As the Milan Furniture Fair came to a close last month,Tom Dixon in particular came out shining. His independent curation MOST described as ‘an epicenter for the freshest ideas in communication, food, culture, design and the digital industrial revolution” delivered on lots of levels. Bringing together creative minds and international brands, the installation posed the questions of process and impact of design and how it can improve the world. I just can’t stop thinking now, how Tom Dixon’s new light ‘Etch’ would improve my world quite considerably too… Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Banquet Print - Eagle Ray

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I’m on the hunt for some new posters and frames for Origin Interior’s casa and came across this beautiful hand pulled print ‘Eagle Ray’ by Banquet. It’s such a strong, graphic image and uses the negative space really well to make it look like the ray is swimming away.

The dark teal colour would go perfectly with our dresser, cushions and rug, but I think we’re on the verge of  a teal overload already, so will have to give it a miss. Navy or black would go work instead though, so I’m keeping my eye out for another version and one that ships to Australia!
Let me know if you find one…

Ikea PS Collection 5

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Ikea and classic aren’t generally terms that sit well together, but after 60 years in the interiors business, they certainly have a lot of pop culture designs to show for it.

This year for the Milan Furniture Fair, they gave their designers the challenge of re-innovating their own designs as well as others from yesteryear and the PS Collection was born. Increased functionality, sustainability (less chipping?) and progressive designs for the 21st Century were the aim of the brief and we think this inspired new range hits the mark perfectly. The collection will roll out in stores in August.


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With wooden floors and ornate coving, this living room could have become extremely traditional, but adding some softly draped furnishings and a steel edged coffee table give the room a relaxed, contemporary feel.

I love the mixture of art, photographs, chalk and decorative letters on the freestanding shelf, all clubbed together to make a very tidy textured collage. And the choice of colour palette hits the spot with various shades of grey, yellow and white, my favourite combination by far!