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Old Bottles Sign

Vintage Bottles



German Pottery

Mini Succulents

Big Succulents

Succulent Pots

Vintage Art

Waxing Stamps

Mustard VW


Ever since we moved to Fremantle, I’ve been hearing a lot about these mysterious Melville Markets but have never quite managed to make it there, that was until last weekend. They were mysterious because a) I had heard different reports on their location b) noone was admitting to actually having been to them and c) car boot sales aren’t really a thing in Australia as far as I can tell! I forgot about them for a while until I spoke to a neighbour a few doors down who had been and said it was definitely worth a punt. So last Sunday morning I headed down with a friend to see what thrifty treasures we could find. I was pleasantly surprised to see some vintage, antique and home grown plant stalls mixed in with the usual clothes, toys and tat.

A few in particular caught my eye with bright retro colours, animal skulls, West German pottery, huge old bottle collections and a plant stall which gave me a lots of succulent inspired ideas. Not one to go away from a market empty handed (well who is?), I managed to pick up six lovely succulents for $18 and two matching vintage bottles for $1 each which say ‘This Bottle Is The Property Of Nugget Polish WA’ and underneath ‘This Bottle Must Not To Be Used As A Food Container’. I’ve got plans to make some yellow billy ball flowers out of wool and use them as vases in my living room – DIY coming soon!

Nugget Bottles Edit

For the succulents, I wanted to recreate one of the miniature gardens that I saw at the market, so I got straight to work using a terracotta pot, some succulent/potting mix, large stones and small yellow pebbles that I already had in the garden. The pot that I had was much bigger than the ones at the market, so I filled it with normal potting mix halfway, then broken plates and then succulent mix. I added five of the succulents, then the large stones pushed in quite well and finally decorated it with the yellow pebbles. What do you think?

Terracotta Pot: $15 from Bunnings (already owned)
Succulent Potting Mix: $7 from Bunnings (already owned)
Large Stones: $10 large bag from Masters (already owned)
Small Yellow Pebbles: $5 bag from Bunnings (already owned)
Succulents : $15.50 (only used 5)

Total Cost: $35

Succulent Garden DIY

Pinterest | Pic of the week


Image | My Sister’s Suitcase

It’s been a while since I  posted a Pic of the Week, but I’ve been keeping up with my boards on Pinterest and collecting some really awesome ideas for future posts, DIYs and home styling.

This little beauty brings together a few of my favourite things – geometric shapes, blue hues and a DIY project! It was created by My Sister’s Suitcase and adds a simple art feature to a girl’s bedroom. The shape is fantastic and the combination of  solid and cut out works really well to create a bit more depth and texture. It would be cool to take this a step further and router lines into a couple of the solid hexagons to create a third style.
What do you think? Do you love all things geometric?

Mantra Seating

Interior | Mantra Kitchen & Bar

Mantra Entrance

Mantra Seating

Mantra Stools

Mantra Frame WAll

Mantra Sofa

Mantra Wall

Images | Mantra

Last month I travelled to Bali, Indonesia for a few days of RnR with handyman Eddie. We stayed in a beautiful resort in Seminyak and spent our days reading, swimming and visiting the numerous bars and restaurants for lunch, dinner and drinks. Before we left Perth, everyone told me how ‘Aussie’ Bali would be, particularly party town Kuta which is full of boozy holiday mayhem and is actually closer by plane to Perth than Sydney or Melbourne! Seminyak in comparison was a lot quieter, more relaxed and surprisingly a lot like Perth – some great boutiques, interiors stores and quirky bars with that relaxed beachy/industrial look.

Mantra Kitchen & Bar was a short walk from our resort and had a great selection of Indonesian tapas style dishes, delicious cocktails, whiskies (for Eddie) and Prosecco (for me). The mood was chilled, with comfy vintage seats and sofas, intimate tables and soft lighting. The front ‘walls’ were actually weathered fishing boat shutters; so even though you were sitting in the bar, you could feel the balmy breeze drifting in and the hustle and bustle of the Balinese traffic outside. Exposedwork brick gives way to the largest frame wall I’ve ever seen and vintage fans and glass globes hung above the bar complete the look. Towards the end of the week, Mantra becomes a mini club with a DJ or bands playing from Thursday – Sunday and they also host regular vintage market days, usually on a Sunday morning.

Inspiration | Dining Room

Wall Dining Room

Yellow Accent Dining Room

Plant Dining Room

Colour Dining Room

Rug Dining Room

Map Dining Room

1. Industrial Diner 2. Mid-Century Diner 3. Farmhouse Diner 4. Neon Diner 5. Aztec Diner 6. World Diner

I’ve been searching for the right dining set for our house for a while now and have been hitting Pinterest in search of inspiration.

A few years ago I bought a beautiful solid pine farmhouse table and painted the legs for that two tone/dipped effect. It did us proud for a while as a dining table, craft table, games table and entertainment table but its always looked a little out of place with our vintage style, so I figured it was time for a change. We already have a mixture of Eames DSW chairs in white, a beech Ercol spindle chair and a couple of industrial steel cafe chairs, so I was thinking of just replacing the table with something darker, extendable and 60s in style.

I’ve been scouring Perth Gumtree and eBay for about 6 months and am delighted to say I finally found ‘the one’ a few weeks ago! I’ll be posting an update of the new set up soon, but before I do, which style do you like best?
I love mixing brights with darker woods, but also think the feature wall, rug or statement plant work well with classic pieces.

Check out my Pinterest Home Inspiration board for more great room sets…

Single Rain Tumbler

Homewares | Rain Patted Tumblers

I absolutely adore Anthropologie…
Their beautiful homemade, one of kind homeware style often sends me into a ‘I’ve got to have this and this and this!’ craze. Unfortunately, Anthropologie hasn’t quite made it to Australia yet and their tear jerking high prices, plus postage forces me to seek to alternatives here in Perth. Normally, after a long online blog and store search I find something similarly acceptable for our little house in Freo, but in this case I hit the jackpot and found something practically identical! What do you think?

Anthropologie’s whimsical watercolour glasses are actually fairly reasonable at $8 each. 

Rain Patter Tumblers

Target’s Splash Tumblers are a steal at $20 for 6. Made by French glassware company Luminarc, they should be available across Europe and the UK too, score!

Splash Tumblers

office chair

DIY | Vintage Desk Chair

I picked up a vintage swivel chair from gumtree a few weeks ago (top picture) and thought it looked ok as is. But on closer inspection, the “leather” turned out to be torn PVC and the legs were a lot more rusty than they looked from the picture.  As I’m not one to back away from a challenge, I had a quick look through Pinterest and found this great DIY (bottom picture), what do you think?

I like the natural ply backrest and painted legs, but not sure I’m going to be able to recreate the wooden seat; so I’m going to have a quick rummage through my many piles of fabric and see what Liberty treasure I can find. The wheels are plastic and quite bulky and don’t really  fit the style, so I’m thinking of replacing them with stoppers rather than castors as finding the perfect sized vintage metal castors seems quite unlikely in Perth! But if you know somewhere I can order them online, just let me know…