DIY | Antique Gold Horse

Often the best projects come from looking at objects you’ve been staring at for years in a new light. This little plastic horse was a very odd gift from an overseas friend which I didn’t feel able to throw away but didn’t quite know what to do with it! So on a particularly rainy afternoon, I looked in my craft box and found an old bottle of gold paint and decided to reinvent this unsophisticated toy into an antique golden horse.

You will need

  • A plastic toy or object
  • Some gold, bronze or silver craft paint or spray paint
  • A plastic sheet
  • Outdoor space


  • After cleaning the plastic thoroughly, leave to dry and set up an area outside to transform.
  • Simply spray paint or paint on the new colour and leave to dry in between coats.
  • Remember this kind of paint often dries quickly, so if you are painting it on, do it in thin coats.
  • Do between 3 and 4 coats and make sure to get all of the nooks and crannies.

Once you’ve finished, leave to dry and then place on your shelf or mantelpiece.

You could even hunt out some thrifty finds at your local charity shop and paint them up for a collection of golden animals or objects – much cheaper than buying the real thing.