Thrifty Finds | 1954 Singer Sewing Book

Raynes Park  Car Boot  –

I am an avid seamstress and have previously owned a 1960s Singer, so when I saw this original Singer sewing guide, I snapped it up. Representing the 1950s ‘make do and mend’ mentality, this book has some fantastic ideas to make the most of your fabric and the various sewing machine functions. Although many of the techniques are outdated for interior design, the skills such as pleating can be used in so different ways that can help you create something that looks very professional. I love the front cover and the colours inside are so bright, particularly for their almost pensioner status.

At only £2, I think I got a real steal and would have bought it for the dedication alone…

This book is dedicated to women and girls –

especially to teachers of sewing everywhere –

who enjoy the feel of fabric, the beauty of textures,

the precision of stitches, the smoothness of seams,

and who delight always in appropriate fabrics

carefully cut and made up for a happy purpose.

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